Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our First Dollar

I will never forget how we got our first dollar because it wasnt a typical customer wanting beads for jewelry or as a gift. My mom and I had gotten a booth at a craft fair in my hometown. This was a small craft fair but it was when we had first decided this is what we wanted to do. A gentleman was the first to stop at the booth, the two of us thinking he is looking for jewelry for his wife. But no this man was looking through our selection of beads. Glass beads to be exact. He picked out a few, then came up to us asking to ring him out. Both my mom and I were a little perplexed thinking what does this guy want with 10 glass beads. So we asked him if he was making anything in particular. The gentleman had laughed and little and said "you'll kill me if you knew what I'm going to use them for." So we laughed and said "we'll now you have to tell us because were framing the $1 you gave us because its our first." The man told us how he uses them for fishing and that glass beads are the best because of the sound they make underwater, it attracts more fish. We all laughed and thought how great of a story will this be when we one day have a store with our fist dollar framed and this story to go along with it. Only furthering our dream of one day having a bead and jewelry store.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just starting out...

Were just starting to get our names out there while were in progress. Thistle Beads will be a bead and jewelry shop. This shop will be run by my mother and myself. We have been beading since I was little building up inventory so one day we will have a store. Since Im a little older now I have had more time to actually be creating more jewelry and I have decided that a blog would be a great spot to start. I will be uploading pictures in the next few weeks trying to get this blog looking better. See how the responses go, and then see where we end up. Thank you all for visiting. Promise this will look much better in the upcoming months.